Here's everything the Las Vegas Raiders and the rest of the NFL will do to pay tribute to the victims that lost their life on 9/11.

The Las Vegas Raiders will do their part to pay tribute to the lives lost in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and changed America forever.  Their tribute will start with special videos showing what the attacks meant for America in the days afterward. These will air during Monday's 1 pm games and will be narrated by non-other than Steve Buscemi, a former NYPD Firefighter. 

After the video, the footage will cut to a performance of the National Anthem by music therapist Juliette Candela, who will be paying tribute to her dad, John Candella. Once the videos are over, it's pretty much back to your standard football, but you will get to see a few cool little tributes throughout the broadcast as well.

For example, players will all wear a special 9/11 ribbon on their jerseys throughout Week 1 of the season, and coaches/ sideline officials will also have special pins on their uniforms. Finally, in tribute to those who died responding to 9/11,  NYPD NYFB and Port Authority helmets will be used for the games. 

If all that isn't enough, the NFL Network will air a special sports documentary on what life was like in the NFL after the terrorist attack called Remembering 9/11. 

No matter what political faction you are a part of, no matter who you voted for as President, 9/11 should just be the day that we all come together and stand as one America.

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