Dining at a brand-new restaurant is wonderful, and Chef Barry Dakake is opening just the right spot. Alongside partners Yassine Lyoubi, Donnie Rihn, and Marco Cicione, the esteemed chef will unveil a state-of-the-art steakhouse inside Circa on October 28th. Here are a few reasons why I can’t wait for this new spot.

1. Rich Menu

Rich Menu

The menu at Barry's Downtown Prime will involve table-side presentations and luxurious options. Imagine an impressive Maine lobster sautéed with tasty rigatoni noodles and graced with pink vodka sauce. Even better, how about some Steak Diane with a Worcestershire-brandy mushroom sauce?

While other dishes will be available at the joint, their main goody is steak, which is roasted on fruitwood over 900-degree coals. Other steak options on their menu will be their Tomahawk rib-eye steak and Japanese Wagyu beef.  

The spot will also offer organic chicken with mushrooms sautéed in sage butter. Or you can try their prosciutto crisp and turf dinner.

Their menu will also feature seafood options. Their sea scallops sautéed with Fresno chilli-miso glaze alongside some steamed bok choy and served with Napa cabbage and asparagus should be on your mind. Their Maine lobster turf sushi roll with peppered beef tenderloin and fire tartar sauce with toasted sesame seeds will also be a highlight. Other options will be a chilled shellfish platter with a Maine lobster, a variety of oysters, calamari salad, king crab legs, octopus, and shrimp cock bites.

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