The past few years have seen bubble tea increasingly becoming popular, with shops and kiosks popping up all across the country. A delicious Taiwanese recipe that combines tea with milk, fruit, and fruit juices, as well as the ubiquitous “bubbles” or tapioca pearls, this unique and yummy beverage is definitely worth the hype surrounding it.

In the mood for a cold glass of Bubble Tea? Here’s where to go if you’re in Las Vegas.

1. No. 1 Boba Tea

No. 1 Boba Tea

The self-proclaimed first Bubble Tea shop in Las Vegas, No. 1 Boba Tea prides itself on using only fresh fruit in their recipes. They also offer more than 100 various tea selections, although be sure to have a taste of their Jasmine Green Milk Tea and Lychee-Coconut Smoothie. To add to that, they also have three different branches in Las Vegas, which easily makes them the most accessible shop in the city to satisfy your Bubble Tea cravings.  

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